Bird flu affects down industry chain, down jacket and badminton will increase in price

Although it is not yet summer, some people have begun to worry about whether the price of down jackets will increase this winter. This concern is justified. The reporter learned yesterday that due to the influence of bird flu, the price of down raw materials has risen sharply by about 70% compared with last year, and it is in short supply. Some down products factories in Shanghai are also facing the embarrassment of breaking the contract due to “no rice in the pot”. According to the expectations of the manufacturers of down jackets, duvets and badminton, the market price of terminal products is likely to rise this winter. In addition, many foreign buyers have also become very cautious, and have required domestic down products to issue customs safety certificates to show that the products are not contaminated with avian influenza virus.

Down raw materials can’t be bought with money

“Now you can’t buy down raw materials even if you have money.” Ms. Song, head of a large-scale enterprise specializing in down jackets in Shanghai, said that the bird flu had a great impact on the production of down jackets, and the supply of down raw materials was greatly reduced. “We are in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas. The suppliers who used to pay the deposit can pick up the goods, but now not only are there less goods, but the suppliers also require that the full payment be made before the goods can be picked up.”

Due to the shortage of down raw materials, the price has also risen a lot. “The price of down raw materials should be very stable in this season of each year, but this year it has risen by more than 70% compared with the same period last year. This is something I have never encountered in the 8 years I have been in the industry.” Ms. Song said, with “the content of down up to For example, the raw material of 90% white duck down, their purchase price was 300,000 yuan/ton last year, but this year it has risen to 500,000 yuan/ton. “No one wants ducks, and the cost of duck meat is added to duck feathers.”

The cost of down jackets and duvets has risen sharply

Now is the peak period for the production of down jackets, but Ms. Song said whether the price of down jackets will increase this winter, “I can’t be sure”, and ultimately depends on the market demand, but the cost of down jackets has risen sharply.

Duvets face a similar situation. “The purchase price of duck down and goose down has doubled recently. It was originally 300 yuan/kg, but now it is 600 yuan/kg.” Shanghai Minqiang Feather Factory mainly produces down quilts. Mr. Fan, the person in charge of the management department of the factory He told reporters that since the outbreak of the bird flu, the raw materials of down and down have not been available, resulting in the unfulfilled contract signed with the customer and the embarrassment of breaking the contract.

According to reports, taking a certain duvet as an example, the original cost price was 1,300 yuan per bed, but now it has risen to 1,800 yuan per bed. Mr. Fan expects that the prices of duvets and down jackets will rise this year.

Exports are asked for a customs security certificate

High-end badmintons are mostly made of goose feathers, while low-end badmintons are made of duck feathers. Therefore, the reduction in the amount of goose and duck feathers directly affects the production of badminton. Shanghai Badminton Factory’s aviation brand badminton is an old-fashioned product. According to Mr. Bao, the export director of the factory’s export department: “Recently, the purchase price of wool pieces has increased by 10%. We are preparing to increase the price of the product. The specific increase and price increase time will have to wait for the factory. We only found out after a meeting and discussion here.”

According to reports, the large hair in goose and duck feathers is usually used to make badminton, while the small hair is used to make down jackets and duvets. The badminton factory purchases processed wool pieces from wool pieces processing factories in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other places. The original price of goose feathers was 0.3 yuan per piece, but recently it has risen to 0.33 yuan per piece.

Mr. Bao told reporters that their badmintons have many foreign customers. Since the outbreak of bird flu, many foreign customers have asked the factory to show customs certificates to show that their badmintons are not contaminated by bird flu.

Post time: Jun-14-2022