Regulations of the 8th World-renowned Enterprise Badminton Competition in China

1. The organizer

Shanghai Badminton Association, Yangpu District Sports Bureau

2. Date and place of competition

August 17-18, 2013 Shanghai University of Science and Technology Badminton Hall

3. Competition items

Men’s and women’s mixed team competition

4. Participating units

The world’s top 500 companies in China, China’s top 500 companies and well-known domestic companies (including foreign, state-owned and private companies, group companies and branches) can form teams to participate.

5. Participation method and registration

(1) Participants must be registered regular employees who have signed a formal labor agreement in their subordinate enterprises. All employees who are affiliated with the company in various names are not allowed to participate in the competition. Participants must pass the medical examination of the local hospital.

(2) The registered professional athletes (including club athletes) announced by the state in 2012 cannot participate in the competition.

(3) Each team shall have 1 team leader or coach, 2 to 3 male athletes and 2 to 3 female athletes.

(4) Registration method: First, online registration, log on to the website of Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau (, go to the “Shanghai Citizens Sports League” page and register directly. After registration, you must download the registration form and go to the Badminton Association. Payment confirmation. The second is to register directly with the Badminton Association. Association address: Shanghai Badminton Association (Shui Circuit No. 176), Tel: 66293026.

(5) Registration starts on April 1 and ends on July 31. All units should correctly fill in the registration form uniformly produced and distributed by the competition committee, and the handwriting must be correct and clear, and the official seal should be affixed for confirmation. Submit to the 8th World Famous Enterprise Fitness Competition in China Badminton Mixed Team Competition Competition Committee (to be announced separately) before the registration deadline. Once the registration is closed, no further changes will be allowed, and entrants who cannot participate will be deemed a waiver.

(6) Registration fee: 500 yuan per team for the mixed team competition.

6. Competition method

(1) This competition is a mixed team competition. Each team competition consists of three matches: mixed doubles, men’s singles, and women’s singles. Neither male nor female athletes can play concurrently.

(2) The game is scored per ball, 15 points are divided into one game, the score is 14 points, no extra points are added, the first to 15 points wins the game, the third game wins two, and one side reaches 8 points in the third game.

(3) The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage is divided into groups. Each team must play three games (mixed doubles, men’s singles and women’s singles), and the first place in each group will enter the second stage. The teams entering the second stage draw lots and carry out the knockout round to determine the 1-8 rankings. In the second stage, each team competition adopts a best-of-three system, that is, when one team wins the mixed doubles and men’s singles, the women’s singles will not be played. the match of.

(4) The competition shall be implemented in accordance with the latest “Badminton Competition Rules” approved by the State Sports General Administration.

(5) Abstaining: During a game, any athlete who is unable to continue the game due to injury or other reasons will be regarded as abstaining from the game. In each game, if an athlete is 10 minutes late, the athlete will be sentenced to forfeit the game.

(6) Athletes should obey the referee during the competition. Any objection can be reported to the chief referee through the on-site referee. If there is still any objection to the ruling of the chief referee, they can appeal to the organizing committee, and finally the arbitration will make the final ruling. All qualifications and results will be disqualified.

7. Match ball: to be determined

8. Admission ranking and reward method

The top eight teams will be awarded certificates; the top three teams will be awarded trophies.

9. The interpretation and modification of the competition regulations belong to the office of the current major league.

Post time: Jun-14-2022