“Yue Sports Yue Health” badminton competition ended with passion

The staff of Zhengzhou Baolianxiang made careful preparations for this badminton competition, and invited professional badminton referees from Guanghua Sports Club to score points for this competition. At the same time, they also prepared delicious fruits and drinks for everyone to enjoy. The prizes of this competition are also very powerful. The first prize is a BMW model and a 1,000 Yuan Bao Lianxiang voucher, the second prize is a BMW trolley case and a 500 Yuan Bao Lianxiang voucher, and the third prize is a BMW Power Bank and 300 Yuan Bao Lianxiang. Vouchers, all car owners who participate in the competition can also get Bao Lianxiang’s 100 yuan vouchers as participation prizes.

Post time: Jun-14-2022